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  • hussain-gohar-team

    Alhaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar

    Founder (Hamdard Kutab Khana)

  • abuzar-ghafari-team

    Abuzar Ghafari

    CEO (Gohar Publishers)

  • altaf-hussain-gohar-team

    Altaf Hussain Gohar

    CEO (Gohar Publishers)

  • kashif-hussian-gohar-team

    Kashif Hussain Gohar

    CEO (Hamdard Kutab Khana)

  • tariq-rasheed-team

    Tariq Rasheed

    printing Manager

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    Display Center

  • asif-saeed-team

    Asif Saeed

    Project Director

  • ghulam-e-mustafa-team

    Ghulam e Mustafa

    Project Manager

  • raja-yasir-country-team

    Raja Yasir

    Raja Yasir (Country Marketing Manager)

  • khalid-team

    Muhammad Khalid

    Head of Marketing Dept

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    Computer Section

  • writter-writing-team

    Content Writters

    Content Writters (Hamdard)

Alhaaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar

was very fond of acquiring and spreading knowledge from his childhood. He desired that the students might be provided with cheap as well as standard books so that every child could get quality education easily. Keeping these facts in view he laid the foundation of a publishing house named Hamdard Kutab Khana about sixty years ago.

In the beginning Hamdard Kutab Khana started publishing books for primary classes. These books got enormous popularity amongst the teachers and the students. After that broadening its scope, Hamdard Kutab Khana started publishing general books including books on Tibb and technical subjects. Like other publications these books also got popularity throughout the country. Hamdard Kutab Khana was awarded International American Quality Award in 1991. By the grace of Allah Almighty, Hamdard Kutab Khana flourished with the passage of time and its sister organization namely West Pakistan Textbook Depot came into being. This organization is publishing books of international standard in English as well as Urdu for government and private schools. In fact the seed sown by Alhaaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar has developed into a grown up tree.

In order to fulfil the needs of the students, Hamdard Kutab Khana, sometimes back, started publishing new books from Middle to Intermediate level. These include Imtihani Books, Objective Type Books, Model Papers, Kashmir Guides, Homework Registers, Grammars etc. This is very heartening to note that teachers, students and parents have been appreciating the publications of Hamdard Kutab Khana. The publications are available at all major book stalls. The students are gaining enormous success and higher grades by preparing these books.

Kashif Hussain Gohar

who is carrying out the task quite efficiently.