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About Us

About Hamdard Kutab Khana

Hamdard Kutab Khana’s various sections are carrying out different jobs concerning the publication of books.

These sections include Research & Development, Writing & Editing, Composing, Designing, Printing, Book Binding, Marketing etc. All the tasks of organization are thus carried out effectively by the said sections.

Alhaaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar has now handed over the task of running the publishing house to his industrious son.

Our Team

  • hussain-gohar-team

    Alhaj Muhammad Hussain Gohar

    Founder (Hamdard Kutab Khana)

  • abuzar-ghafari-team

    Abuzar Ghafari

    CEO (Gohar Publishers)

  • altaf-hussain-gohar-team

    Altaf Hussain Gohar

    CEO (Gohar Publishers)

  • kashif-hussian-gohar-team

    Kashif Hussain Gohar

    CEO (Hamdard Kutab Khana)